NOWBattles that Leaders Fight (and How to Win Them) Part Three by Chris Hodges

Battles that Leaders Fight (and How to Win Them) Part Three by Chris Hodges

Published a year agoLeadership

Today we conclude our blog series on the five battles leaders most often face by exploring two final kings.

The Five Kings We Battle in Our Lives as Leaders - King #4

The King of Rejection

We're in the people business. The enemy will use that to do whatever he can to mess up your heart. He'll put stuff in there - hurt, offense, rejection, and wounds.

What do we do when we're feeling rejected? How can you respond when all you feel like saying is "Lord, I can fight the devil, but I can't fight these other people."

Maybe the first thought that comes to your mind is "forgive them." And that's a good thought! But it's not enough.

Jesus doesn't just say that we should forgive our enemies. He says that we're supposed to do good for them, love them, pray for them, and bless them. You can find churches out there that, when faced with an opposing group, will take and offering and bless them. When that happens, you can see the change that takes place in the relationship and in the rest of their community.

If you've ever read Matthew 6 (or spent much time in a church at all), you're familiar with the Lord's prayer. You know that there's an element where we forgive others as we are being forgiven. But if you keep reading in Matthew, you'll find that of the seven elements of that prayer, Jesus only provides commentary on one:

"For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you." (John 6:14)

"If you don't forgive," he says, "I can't work in your life as I want to."

One of the healthiest things a leader can do is forgive people. Few things affect the anointing in your life more than your feelings about others.

How do you battle the king of rejection? Let it go. Forgive as often as you can and as quickly as you can. Bless those who curse you. Don't hold it in your heart.

The Five Kings We Battle in Our Lives as Leaders - King #5

The King of Demonic Attack

The Bible says that our enemy prowls around like a lion seeking whom he may devour. The best leaders are the ones who have learned to fight his attacks.

The devil has a plan for your life. Make sure you're working harder at resisting him than he is at fighting you.

How do you fight demonic attack? The best tool you have at your disposal is worship. When you worship, you don't just praise God. When you worship, you fight the devil and break his power over your life.

Here's what worship does. You come in with your problems as big as ever, and with your God smaller than He should be. Worship inverts this dynamic. As you worship, things begin to shift. God becomes bigger, and as He does, your problems become smaller. If you're facing something difficult in your life, it can be that easy.

When the enemy attacks and you feel discouraged, come to God in worship. Magnify His name. Shift your perspective so your problems and your enemy regain their rightful size. When you do, there's no way the enemy can stand.



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