NOWThe Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2016

The Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2016

Published 2 years agoBest of Thrive Now

Below is the top ten, best of the best from this last year. Read through these great articles again and get encouraged for 2017!


1. Getting a Grip on Who God Says You Really Are by Lincoln Brewster

We can't do anything to change the way God feels for us. No matter how we feel about what we've done - giving into guilt can't buy us freedom. The only way to truly be free is to lean on God's Spirit.

2. The Secret to Fearlessly Sharing God’s Word by Francis Chan

If you found yourself before the God of Isaiah, do you think you would talk to Him the same way you do in your prayers? We seldom approach God with the proper reverence. Next time before you pray, take 10 seconds to think about who it really is you're about to speak to. Take that time - it will change everything you pray about.

3. 7 Verses that Will Literally Start Shaping and Changing Your Mind by Frank Powell

What you allow into your mind determines your reality and ultimately your legacy. So, start capturing those thoughts.

4. 6 Places Where You Need to Be Weaker by Lincoln Brewster

Bad news: we all have weaknesses. But here’s the really, really good news: where we are weak, God is strong.

5. Can You Be a Lukewarm Christian? By Francis Chan

If a person puts their trust in Jesus, their life will change radically. At one point they were dead, but now they are alive. At one point they didn't have God, now He is in them.

6. 3 Ways to Get Unstuck by Ray Johnston

God calls us to confidence. You need strength and hope to find courage and work hard. God is the source. Our emotional health is tied to the presence of God. When He is with us, we don’t have to fear. Even if the road is rough, God is with us every step of the way, a fact which can save us from discouragement and fear.

7. How to Recover from Disappointment by Andrew McCourt

We have to learn to process the emotions that come from disappointment. If we think we can hold on to them, they're eventually going to come out in other ways. When you're disappointed, take the time to call out to God. He isn't looking for us to be perfect. What He wants is our authenticity.

8. 3 Ways to Share Your Faith Without Turning Everyone Off by Ray Johnston

Knowing the Good News, evangelism should be easy. And yet, many people end up turning more people off than on. How often do manipulative tactics, misjudging your words, or being harsh or aggressive send people running away from faith instead of coming to it?

9. What Do You Do When You’re Waiting on God? By Albert Tate

Have you ever found yourself in a place of waiting? You're walking with God, but He seems silent. So what do you do while you're waiting on God?

10. Tearing Down Walls and Building Bridges by Curt Harlow

We're called to remove barriers, and to be forces of reconciliation in an increasingly divided world. It's okay to start small, but we have to start somewhere.



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